1.  This grant is open to all Egyptians 18 and over

  2.  Filmmakers with feature films are not eligible to enter this competition

  3.  The total sum of this grant is 70,000 Egyptian pounds to be distributed among a number of films to be determined by the grant committee

  4.  If your film receives a grant allotment, the amount you have been awarded will be sent out in two different installments:

  5.  The deadline for completing your film is April 2018

  6.  Our sponsors SEMAT and SEEN FILMS will provide editing equipment free of charge at their companies for the grant winners

  7.  Please read our terms and conditions carefully before submitting.

  8.  Winning films will be asked to attend our 2018 “Best of the Fest”

  9.  There are no fees for submission

  10. Your film may be in any production phase, this grant is for pre-production, films currently in production, and post production

  11. Submitted films should be 30 minutes long maximum (including credits). There is no minimum running time

  12. Your film may be in any of the three categories Animation, Documentary, Narrative you may submit one film per category

  13. Grant submissions open on the 15th of Jan and end on the 28th of Feb

  14. To submit your film, please fill out our application form and upload your PDF with the required information. 

  15. Winners will be announced at “Best of the Fest” on the 6th of May.

  16. All submitters are invited to the ‘Best of the Fest’

  17. MasrdotBokra has no religious or political affiliations

  18. Please contact us if you have any questions


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