"MasrDotBokra” is a local festival for short films, aims to celebrate young professional and non-professional Egyptian filmmakers and film enthusiasts with fresh perspectives who want to share their innovative and groundbreaking films
  1. Submitted films should be 20 minutes long maximum (including credits).
  2. All films will be watched: documentaries, animation or narrative films. You can submit one film per category. Animated films may submit to either category that best suits the film. Please do not submit the same film to both categories.
  3. You must submit a student ID, a letter from your University/School or proof that you were a student at the time of production.
  4. There are no fees for submission.
  5. You must be at least 18 years old to submit to the festival.
  6. Submitted films must have been produced after January 1st, 2018.
  7. If you are submitting a film in a language other than Arabic please be sure to add Arabic subtitles.
  8. Film submitted must be in the following format: .mp4
  9. Submissions open April 2nd and end on May 31st June 18th.
  10. All the accepted films will be screened at different venues around Cairo in 2020 (date yet to be determined)
  11. To submit your film, please fill out our application form and upload your film. Submit Now
The festival is made up of two rounds of review: The first round will be for the acceptance to the festival and the second round of review will determine which of the accepted films will premiere at the ‘Best of the Fest’ screening and reception in 2020. All the filmmakers are invited to the ‘Best of the Fest’ screening. Acceptance to the Festival and the Best of the Fest screening will be sent out at least one week prior. If you are chosen to participate in ‘Best of the Fest’ your film will compete to win the following three prizes:
a. Best Documentary: Determined by the jury. A cash prize of 15,000 Egyptian Pounds will be awarded.
b. Best Narrative: Determined by the jury. A cash prize of 15,000 Egyptian Pounds will be awarded.
c. The Audience Award: Determined by votes made during each screening. A cash prize of 10,000 Egyptian Pounds will be awarded.
 MasrdotBokra has no religious or political affiliations.
 Please contact us if you have any questions