Umbilical Cord (Departure of a Mother)

Plot Synopsis :
A young artist chooses to live and study away from his family. His mother pays him a visit that makes him wonder how he really feels about her, imagining her in a parallel universe.
Director :
Jad Chahine
Director Bio :
An Egyptian Indie Filmmaker. Born in Cairo, Egypt in 1996, studies Film-Making at Cairo Higher Institute of Cinema. his works characterized by being personal experiences & influenced by Abstract & Conceptual Art. Sex, Family, Nostalgia, and Static images are all elements that are obviously presented in his works.
Producer :
HCI - Jad Chahine
Screenwriter :
Jad Chahine
Director of Photography :
Hassan El Zanaty
Production Designer :
Jad Chahine
Editor :
Mahmoud Salama
Sound Designer :
Fady Tosson
Cast :
Kerolos Emad - Hebba El Khayal