The Apocalypse

Plot Synopsis :
An unspecified environmental catastrophe hit Egypt in the near future. Only the young adults survived, gasping their last breaths before their eventual demise.
Director :
Ramy Allam - Ahmed el-Shamaa
Director Bio :
Film graduates from the American University in Cairo making self produced short films that entered and won in a couple of international film festivals; to name a few: the Doha Film Festival, the Hollywood 48 Hour Film Project, the Aviff Cannes Art Film Festival, and the Cairo International Film Festival.
Producer :
Omar Mobarek
Screenwriter :
Ramy Allam - Ahmed el-Shamaa
Director of Photography :
Nadeem Aref
Production Designer :
Omar Mobarek
Editor :
John Magdy
Sound Designer :
Ahmad Kubbara
Cast :
Youssef Othman - Ahmad Alhamzawey - Moustafa Khalil - Ahmed Fadell - Mohamed Emad - Pola Kamel - Reem Allam