Plot Synopsis :
Years after the harrowing death of her father, a young female artist is sharing the same house with her mother. The film takes us through their daily arguments in her attempt to protect her own identity. A new bond flourishes despite their different characters exposing the fear she unconsciously developed of a sudden death again.
Director :
Rania Zahra
Director Bio :
I am an independent producer, filmmaker and founder of “Paratales” video production house with over 15 years of experience in digital marketing, beside being a storyteller, writer, actor and aspiring filmmaker. I tell stories to inspire, educate, entertain people and to effect change in society whether on stage, on camera, or through filmmaking.   I produced five short documentaries, directed one short documentary: Flatmates (2019,7’) and wrote /co-directed one short fiction film: Mouri (2016, 7’).
Producer :
Amal Ramsis
Screenwriter :
Rania Zahra
Director of Photography :
Rania Zahra
Production Designer :
Rania Zahra
Editor :
Rania Zahra
Sound Designer :
Shadi Farid
Cast :
Amina El Ghonimy - Rania Zahra