A Midnight Robbery

Plot Synopsis :
A thief breaks into Thompson's family house to rob it after Mr & Mrs Thompson went to spend the night out, but they suddenly return so the Thief hides under the bed and becomes a silent witness on a series of unexpected events to happen at that late hour after midnight
Director :
Raghda Karam
Director Bio :
Raghda Karam Filmmaker from Egypt Graduated from High Cinema Institute Have made few short films including (The Search For An Idea) Documentary, and (A Midnight Robbery) narrative Currently working on other short films.
Producer :
High Cinema Institute
Screenwriter :
Raghda Karam
Director of Photography :
Omar Nader
Production Designer :
Raghda Karam
Editor :
Mai Aladdin
Sound Designer :
Mustafa Selim Sahhab
Cast :
Paul Edward - Ali Shawqi -Mariam Garir Mansour - Hossam Abo Oula - Ahmed Sabri Ghobashy