2 Lemon Mint

Plot Synopsis :
Three different stories about love and engagement, gathered in one place, a quiet cafe in Dokki, and having one drink, lemon mint!
Director :
Omar EL-Mishad
Director Bio :
Omar has a bachelor of Arts, mass communication department. Worked as a film editor in various short movies, series, programs, and video clips for 15 years. He joined the French University in Egypt (UFE) for Cinema Diploma. Worked as a director in 5 short movies and programs like (Hisham In The Mondial) as well as lots of advertisements, alongside as a Cinematographer in some short movies and creative director in some other advertisements.
Producer :
Omar EL-Mishad
Screenwriter :
May Ziady
Director of Photography :
Omar Al Yamany
Production Designer :
Susan Ali
Editor :
Omar EL-Mishad
Sound Designer :
Ayman Fekry Yanny
Cast :
Mariam Said Saleh - Ezzat Ibrahim - Radwa Adel - Sumaia Salah - Gooda Riead - Ahmed Affan - Ahmed Farghaly