Plot Synopsis :
Nyaman is a Sudanese beauty who has immigrated from South Sudan to Egypt with her family escaping life hardships and war there. She is a highly driven girl, whose dream is to rise as the first Sudanese top-notch fashion designer in Egypt's fashion scene. She faces the woes of racism, however, which stand between her and her dreams. Racism takes its toll on her life until it climaxes in quite an expected turn of events, which will turn her career, dreams and love life to a nightmare.
Director :
Sarah Emad
Director Bio :
Bachelor of Languages ​​and Translation 2011 Cambridge Public Relations Diploma 2012 Diploma of Cinema and Television French. University in Egypt.
Producer :
Sarah Emad
Screenwriter :
Sarah Emad
Director of Photography :
Mostafa Elshafie
Production Designer :
Sarah Emad
Editor :
John Magdy
Sound Designer :
Mohamed Shaaban
Cast :
Sarah Samuel - Botros Marco - Mahmoud Nagub - Nyabardan , Mina Samy (Amir)