Profession Sinan

Plot Synopsis :
Profession Sinan, a documentary film documenting moments from Al-Senan's life by addressing the heritage aspect, as it is one of the rare professions and also the social and human aspect through these people’s adherence to their craft and the craft of their ancestors. Mixed feelings and events revolve within “Al-Mahna Senan” around one goal, which is preserving identity and Heritage is the basis of every successful career.
Director :
Mohammed Ismail
Director Bio :
Mohammed Ismail Taha Kamel, a graduate of the Faculty of Specific Education, Department of Educational Media at Minia University, is a maker of social, humanitarian and heritage content through documentary films and digital reports through which he transmits rare, inspiring and distinct human experiences in her society.
Producer :
Mohammed Ismail
Screenwriter :
Gamal al-Din Ahmed
Director of Photography :
Mohammed Ismail
Editor :
Mohammed Ismail