kasr haak

Director: mohamed mostafa bakry
Short Bio: Mohamed Mostafa Bakri is a graduate of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and studied directing at Cambridge and has a lot of work in films and commercials The most important of which is the film "The Platform", the only film that spoke of Anaralhab in the fourth sit-in and the film "Expired", the film that urges street children and solutions and the film (Dunya and Dean), which discussed the disobedience of parents and addiction And the story of the story of the boots .. and Almqam .. Gaddafi and people He participated in the Rotterdam Festival, the Youssef Chahine Festival, the Kam Festival, the Zeppelinka Festival, the Oscar-Egypt Festival and the Mezadeh Festival. He was honored as the best director for Dunya & Dean and was appointed Ambassador of Peace in 2016.
Plot Synopsis: The role of events in southern Egypt is one of Upper Egypt In a house dominated by the older brother Ali four daughters and do all that used to him by his grandparents in his sisters the girls and the wrong habits of female genital mutilation and violence against women and not inherited in inheritance The film shows the complete discrimination of men over women through the mother, which performs all Maymar Bahralabn but challenged by his sister, Senna took her right
Producer: mohamed mostafa bakry
Director Of Photography: mostafa shoman
Editor: ahmed mostafa zika