My Own World

Director: Mustafa Adel
Short Bio: Videographer in Cairo and wheeling to be a filmmaker
Plot Synopsis: He was a introvert young man in the middle of his 20s. he always preferred to sit alone without any company,and that turned out to be a peace of mind to him. So, one day he decided to migrate far far away. He decided to run away.However, all people were trying to reach him out. Some were trying to call; others went to his house.But unfortunately, there was no answer.Everybody keeps calling him a loner , but he called it enjoying his own company.But one day, everything turned upside down. He made an accident while he was doing some procedures related to his migration. But then he wakes up on a sidewalk of a Cairo street, finding himself literally this time, all alone. Like he always wanted to be all alone, in his own world. No human beings, no gatherings,nothing but himself. He was the happiest on earth. he He kept on running around, happy like never before.He then found a fancy car, so he took it and it’s like his dream finally comes true. He went everywhere around the city like he always wanted to do but people were stopping him; supermarkets, shops, parks, everywhere. Suddenly he felt a really bad ache in his heart, and then suddenly he woke up, finding out that he was in a coma for almost two weeks knowing that no one had any idea about what he has been through therefore no one visited him. Everyone claims that I am alone, but I called it enjoying my own world, but then I realized that people were valued when I became really all alone
Producer: Mustafa Adel
Director Of Photography: Mustafa Adel
Editor: Mustafa Adel