Dr sobhi & me

Director: mohamed mahmoud
Short Bio: Bachelor's Degree in Law Cini Delta workshop with Directors and producers from Europe ( 2016)
Plot Synopsis: The film explores Uncle Subhy (famous for a Dr), the owner of a workshop shoes owned by his family. He holds within his memories his past as a performer for famous cartoons and cinema characters in Alexandria in the sixties. His pictures was held in all popular studios and the owners of these studios were proud to have these pictures . After that he stopped for doing his hobby. Eventually he stayed only in his workshop as a shoemaker in Alexandria. During the film he talked about his travels to Rome , Greece and France and we tried to remind him with his past by making him play alot of new characters in 2017.
Producer: mony mahmoud (funded by europe union ) a
Director Of Photography: mony mahmoud
Editor: mamdoh sabry