Plot Synopsis :
This movie discusses the problem of women's freedom in Egypt and how people tend to judge them. The movie includes some real examples who are stating their problems, judgments they used to hear and their wish to live a free life without these painful judgments.
Director :
Mariam Nader
Director Bio :
A junior filmmaker with four years of experience in this field, fresh graduate of German university in Cairo, department of applied arts, media. A passionate about filming, directing, montage and photography. favorite slogan: I'M CREATED TO CREATE.
Producer :
Mariam Nader
Screenwriter :
Mariam Nader
Director of Photography :
Mariam Nader
Production Designer :
Mariam Nader
Editor :
Mariam Nader
Sound Designer :
Mina Wafik - Mariam Nader
Cast :
Reem Bakry - Bashayer Elridi - Hala Emad - Enas Gamal