Director: Omar EL-Mishad
Short Bio: He has a bachelor of Arts, mass communication department. Worked as a film editor in various short movies, series, programs, and video clips for 12 years. He joined the French University in Egypt (UFE) for Cinema Diploma. Worked as a director in 5 short movies and programs like (Hisham In The Mondial) as well as lots of advertisements, alongside as a Cinematographer in some short movies and creative director in some other advertisements.
Plot Synopsis: Mohammed is a diligent young man who works hard to earn his living. He was forced by the roughness of life to work continuously day and night. Simplicity and satisfaction were the secret of happiness about Muhammad, the people of his village and all God's magnificent creations around them. The person, the time or the place may differ, yet there is always someone who fully submits to God, and lives happily under the sun or among the darkness of the Night.
Producer: French University in Egypt
Director Of Photography: Shaimaa Adelaal
Editor: Omar EL-Mishad