The White Hell

Director: Ahmed Assem - Mahmoud Khaled - Omar Shash
Short Bio: A team of filmmakers who graduated from the faculty of Applied Arts (Cinema Department), we filmed and directed many short films which screened in short film festivals like (Visions - masr dot bokra) film festival last year.
Plot Synopsis: This could be one of the most dangerous and deadly workplaces in Egypt, hazards include the stone-cutters and drivers speeding through clouds of white dust which infiltrates the lungs, turning normal tissue into fibrosis, thereby reducing the workers breathing capacity, there are about 300 square kilometers limestone quarries where 35,000 workers suffer from severe working condition, all for a very small amount not exceeding 50 pounds per day, which equals 3 $ up-to 4 $ .
Producer: Self fund
Director Of Photography: Ahmed Assem - Mahmoud Khaled - Omar Shash
Editor: Mahmoud Khaled - Ahmed Assem