Into Shadowland

Director: Saad and Abdelrahman Dnewar
Short Bio: Official student select for the GFS online master class program 2012. Winner of the Masr Dot Bokra Film Festival production grant in 2016 for his short film Hady .Graduated from the faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts in the GUC in 2017. Feature film writer select in the MAHD Film Lab Residency 2017.
Plot Synopsis: After the tedious preparations of what seems to be a closed marriage ceremony taking place in twisted micro fairy tale world, an incident occurs where everything is questioned; social norms; sexuality; identity and religion; all in a meta-cinematic context of the inherited vices of storytelling and folklore..
Producer: saad and abdelrahman dnewar, Kojak, elgabry
Director Of Photography: Fady Hesham, Abdelrahman Dnewar
Editor: Abdallah Dnewar