Director: Nesma Zazou
Short Bio: A Writer/director with 9year experience in media&film industry. She holds a Master degree from Met Film School, UWLondon She teaches Documentary at MSA university. Her film “Sayeda” won best film in National film festival and was selected in BBC Festival, Cannes film corner, Dubai, Beirut, Zawya& Luxor festivals.
Plot Synopsis: A social Drama about an Egyptian mother and her 7-year-old son's trials to catch a doctor’s appointment when a long iron fence obstructs them. The actions take place on a platform across the public ophthalmology hospital in Giza where Sayeda and her son Salah tries to catch the last 30 minutes of the German eye specialist’s charity visit to Egypt. The story follows Sayeda's trials to climb through an iron fence that separates the two sides of the road. The director takes you through a reality journey of a mother’s struggle to obstruct the social barriers to survive and her son. The film was shot in real locations between the crowds of Giza square and the public hospital in Giza.
Producer: Nesma Zazou, Dalia Elsadek
Director Of Photography: M. ELSEHRAWY
Editor: Nesma Zazou