3al Baraka

Director: marina maher shaker
Short Bio: Marina graduated with a sociology department specializing in children with special abilities. She worked in development projects and worked as a secretary and volunteered in the office of justice and peace in Assiut. He studied at the school of Algerian cinema in Assiut, which resulted in the graduation project,
Plot Synopsis: The film tells the story about my personal story who began when I discovered cancer and took the decision to challenge the whole life .. Lucent in his time I have a challenge is my family agrees to enter the school of cinema recording Asiut Assiut and be the first batch that graduated from Assiut and realize the dream of telling about myself and others The challenge is to take the chemotherapy and continue to live normally as I was living and talk about the dream of communication and work with children all these challenges
Producer: El Nahda - Jesuit Cairo
Director Of Photography: marina maher shaker
Editor: peter adel