Plot Synopsis :
A determined artist submits his papers in the empty visa office of a foreign land. After vigorous interrogation, and insistence on his part, to get through. We find out that to pass through, he has to give up what he holds dearest.
Director :
Hussein Hossam
Director Bio :
Hussein Hossam is a writer/director from Port Said, Egypt. He studied filmmaking in Prague film school, wrote and directed two short films titled 'Barzakh' and 'Holy Mother'. He also wrote several film analysis articles in the online newspaper Mada Masr.
Producer :
Hussein Hossam
Screenwriter :
Hussein Hossam
Director of Photography :
Mithila Joshi
Production Designer :
Victoria Funkl
Editor :
Hussein Hossam
Sound Designer :
Mark Milad Boushra
Cast :
Bahaa Chabani - Morvarid Ramezani - Paul Dean - Klara Bliss