Online Competition

The current pandemic radically changed our lives and mindset. However, as it has forced us to face our own mortality and examine our own thoughts and feelings, it can also be seen as an inspiring period to reflect on our lives and change it. In that spirit, MasrDotBokra is inviting filmmakers to create a visual personal journal, in which you will share with our audience your introspective process and desired transformation. Your visual personal journal can be an essay film, genre based or constructed entirely from photos or archival footage. Maximum length is 5 minutes. As an example, you can write a letter to your future/past self or you can attempt something more experimental to exhibit your internal universe.
Selected films will be posted online, promoted on our pages and our audience will vote for their favorite entry. There will be two winners, one selected by a Jury and the other selected by our online audience, and both will receive a cash price of 5000 EGP each.

Additional notes:
1- The film can contain dialogue, a voice over or it can be silent.
2- Film can be entirely made up of existing archives (personal or public), newly shot personal footage or a mixture of both.
3- By personal essay, we simply mean that the film must be one of self-reflection.