Over the past years MasrDotBokra has made sure that the festival is presented in the best way possible, and that would not have happened if it were not for the support of the film makers, the selection committee, the jurors, programmers and above all, our audience.
We would like to express our utmost gratitude and appreciation for all the friends and mentors who trusted in what we do and gave us their time and support to be part of the festival, we hope this support continues throughout the coming years for the festival to grow and gain more success.

Ahmad Abd-Allah

Sarah Abd-El Rahman

Ahmed Fawzi Saleh

Dr. Mona El Sabban

Festival Programmer

Adam Boese

Festival Programmer

Ahmed Hassouna

Festival Programmer

Alia Ayman

Festival Programmer

Fatma Abed

Festival Programmer

Lilian Ramzy

Festival Programmer

Morgan Ingari

Festival Programmer

Rasha Hosny

Festival Programmer

Nadine El Derini

Festival Director

Mo Faramawy

Artistic Director

Karim Salah


Hakim Abdel Naim


Aly Kamal

PR Manager

Nada Salah

Content Editor

Nancy Nached