Like the Sun - Hana Mahmoud
Salad – Abdelaziz El Naggar
Into Reverse – Noha Adel
See More Glass – Ali Heraize
Intense Practice to Improve Performance - Yasser Shafiey
Sign Up – Abeer Yehia
An Experi-mental E-motion Picture – Noura A. Rahman
Fifteen - Sameh Alaa
Major Tom – Khaled Medhat Moeit
A Fish In The Sea – Paul Edward


The "MDB Film Festival” is a local annual festival for short films. Our mission is to celebrate professional and non-professional Egyptian filmmakers and film enthusiasts with fresh perspectives by sharing their innovative and groundbreaking films.

Each year, we strive to expand our program to highlight the best of the Egyptian independent film scene and to create an even more dynamic platform for artists to share their work and to present our audience with an exciting selection of short films.

 The festival is made up of two main competitions:

The Films’ Competition:

Short films:

Short films rise above customary storytelling, from documentaries to narratives. This category has 3 awards amounting to 70,000 EGP

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Student Films:
Great directors all started with different paths. We encourage students to apply in order to showcase emerging talents in Egyptian art. This category has 3 awards amounting to 40,000 EGP

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In addition to our official awards, six craft awards with a total of 30,000 will be given to films from both categories for: Best Female Performance, Best Male Performance, Best Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Design and Best Editing.

The Grant Competition:

A film production grant aiming to boost the short film scene in Egypt.

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Winners will be announced at the “Best of the Fest” Award Ceremony, date to be determined, at Falaki theater, AUC Tahrir square


Given the current circumstances, we took this year as an opportunity to invite filmmakers to share 5 minute films they created during their time with the pandemic. This category has two awards, a jury award and an audience award both amounting to a total of 10,000 EGP.